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( This is a tentative to respond to the needs of the english speaking people who visit this site, i'll be spending more time on the site and develop a fully functioning english version of the site!!in the mean time, sorry about that!!)

Welcome to the Shadow Zu homepage My name is Dragon Ivre which means Drunken Dragon in French, I live in Bakersfield California right now, I used to live in Senegal where i started rapping in 1995, i rap in French, and so far i am working on a album entitled "La Technologie de mes Lyrikes" which means "My Lyrics'Technology", i should be done by the end of the year! I represent for my rap family called the Shadow Zu, which is made of 4 MC including me , there are Lord Cheick, VelociRashtor and D.Y Flex, we all mainly rap in English except for the Velocirashtor who done some tracks in English. Our main goal is to represent lyrically to be classified on the same level as French Rappers, because French African rappers are highly underrated when it comes to french hip hop, we are on the verge to change that!!lately we joined forces with my man Rudy Rudiction based in Miami to create a movement called Africa Reprezenta , we wanna build a rap entity that is going to give a new name to French African Hip Hop. Locally i've done a few show with a local jamaican rapper called D-ROC who is about to release his self produced and distributed album. I've been on the show about two weeks ago, but i focus mainly on the back home and French market!!!i am mainly focusing on making a name for myslef back home and in France!! I have yet to strike a record deal and that is what i am working on with rudy Rudiction , he heard my material and he liked it so i am probably going to drop some verses on his upcoming album!!!furthermore i think i'll be working much more with his house of production in the future, we have a thing called Africa Reprezenta !!I would like though to say to all the african rappers out there whether you spit in English or French or whatever on the Internet we should all join and try to establish something strong!!! The most basic thing to do would be to have an african hip hop web ring which i tried to start on my homepage without successful results!!! Since my site is in French, the basic things you'll probably want to see is my biography which is up there, some tracks that are in my Sons section click here to go to and don't let the French scare you all you need to do is click on the links!!! Also sign the Shadow Buk which is our guest book and you can battle in the Arena!!!